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District Court of
Western Australia
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News & Media Releases

District Court expands Electronic Lodgment-CIVIL


As from 4 July law professionals have been able to electronically lodge almost all District Court civil documents by logging on, from any location, to the WA Courts portal.

For certain documents they will also be able to choose the time and date for when their case will be heard. If a law firm’s preferred method of communication is email all lodgments will be either electronically acknowledged or a link to signed and/or sealed documents and/or notifications will be emailed to the registered email address.

To become a registered eLodgment user click on “Become a Registered User” under the eLodgment menu and complete the Application for eLodgment form.

Existing users of eLodgment will have access to these improvements if their preferred method of communication is email. If you are not sure of your preference please contact Courts Technology Group helpdesk on 1800 500 884.

Information on, and training in, the use of eLodgment is available under the eLodgment Quick Links. Click on the eLodgment Online Learning Option.

If you would like to talk to a court support office please contact 9425 2151.

If you have any technical issues whilst using the eLodgment Portal please contact the Courts Technology Group helpdesk on 1800 500 884 or email