District Court of Western Australia

Visiting the Court

Other than in very exceptional circumstances, District Court civil and criminal court hearings are open to the public.

In addition to the family and friends of those involved in the hearings, members of the public may, and indeed are encouraged to, visit the District Court building (and any courthouse) and witness court hearings. Observation of the following will ensure an enjoyable experience:

  • Enquire at the reception point just inside the main entrance of the District Court building as to the hearings being conducted on the day of your visit.
  • The building is open between 8:30am and 5pm.
  • Most courts sit from 10am to 1pm and from 2:15pm to 4pm.
  • You must turn off your mobile phone before entering a courtroom.
  • You are not allowed to take cameras or recording devices into a courtroom.
  • Food and drinks are not to be consumed in a courtroom. and
  • Court hearings are generally unsuitable environments for young children.
Inside a court room

Court Tours

The Francis Burt Law Education Centre Programme (FBLEP) provides a specialised community legal education and civics program that is interactive and participant focused for school and community groups. Excursions to the FBLEP may include a visit to one or to both all of the following courts:

  • Magistrates Court
  • District Court
  • Supreme Court.

Hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm.

For bookings:

Phone: (08) 9324 8686
Email: schools@lawsocietywa.asn.au
Website: https://www.lawsocietywa.asn.au/community/francis-burt-law-education-programme/#francis-burt-law-education-programme

Contact the staff at the FBLEP if you wish to arrange a court visit or make enquiries about the education programme.

Last updated: 1-Jul-2019

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