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Use of Technology


The Court's capability and practices for the use of technology for the presentation of evidence, submissions and other material is set out in Circular to Practitioners GEN 2010/2. The Circular refers to three booking forms, details of formats used in the courtroom for electronic evidence can be found here.

Quality of audio recordings

From time to time when counsel in a criminal trial has sought to play an audio recording on a CD or DVD, the sound produced has been barely audible in the courtroom. The reason for this was that sound level on the recording was at a lower than usual audio level (for example, a recording of a telephone intercept).

Counsel are requested to check the audio levels of any recording to be played in court. If the recording is quiet, counsel are requested to make arrangements to test whether the recording will be audible when played on the court’s audio systems. These arrangements can be made by telephoning the court’s Technology Officer on 9425 2278.

Witnesses or accused with a hearing impairment

The District Court Building is equipped with a hearing aid loop amplifier to assist any hearing impaired person within each courtroom. When turned on, the audio system transmits audio directly to hearing aids with telecoils (T-coils.). People with hearing aids need to switch them to the 'T' position to receive this audio feed.

There have also been occasions where witnesses and accused persons who suffer from impaired hearing have attended court without their hearing aids.  In this case a sound amplification system for use in court may be provided.

To arrange either of the above please contact the Court Technology Officer on (9425 2278).  A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required.

Last updated: 1-May-2019

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