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Magistrate Court General Appeals

Magistrate Court Appeals - General Civil Appeals

What decisions can I appeal? 

A decision of a Magistrate in the civil jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court that is not a minor case may be the subject of an appeal to the District Court.  An appeal may be commenced both in relation to the final judgment of the Magistrate and any order made by the Magistrate in the course of the proceedings An appeal may be made to the District Court in relation to a minor case, however the Court only has limited grounds on which it may review a decision of this kind.

How long do I have to appeal the decision of the Magistrate? 

An Appeal against the decision of a Magistrate in civil proceedings must be commenced within 21 days of that decision.

What results can my appeal achieve? 

The appeal involves a rehearing of the original case on the material and evidence that were before the Magistrate.  The Judge may allow further evidence to be filed, but only in exceptional circumstances and with the leave of the Court.  It is necessary for the appellant to show some error by the Magistrate.  However, once an error is established, the Judge can make any order that the Magistrate could have made.

Is my appeal before a Judge in Court? 

Yes, a Judge will hear the appeal. There will be an initial directions hearing before a Registrar of the District Court, but this is only to check whether the appeal is ready for hearing by the Judge.

How do I commence an appeal? 

An appeal is commenced by the appellant filing a serving an appeal notice.  The relevant forms are set out at the end of the this webpage.  The Court has produced a Procedure Guide  to assist parties to an appeal.

What will my appeal cost? 

There is a filing/hearing fee for an individual or corporate entity to commence the appeal, these fees are set out in the District Court's Fee Chart - Item 3.

More detail is set out in the Procedure Guide.

Relevant law 

The law governing appeals from Magistrates Court decisions to the District Court is found in Magistrates Court (Civil Proceedings) Act 2004 (WA)  Part 7 and District Court Rules 2005 (WA) Part 6.

Procedure Guide

Click here to download a copy of the Procedure Guide.


The relevant forms including from the District Court Rules 2005 (WA), are:

Blank pro forma (with effect from 19 August 2013)

Worked example

Form 6 Appeal notice

Appeal notice – general example 

Form 7 Service certificate

Service certificate - general example 

Form 8 Notice of respondent’s intention Notice of respondent’s intention - general example
Form 9 Application in an appeal

Application in an appeal – general example 

Form 10 Consent notice

Consent notice – general example 

Form 11 Discontinuance notice

Discontinuance notice - general example 

Form 1A Affidavit

Affidavit – general example 

Appeal Change of Address  Change of Address - general example 

Fees Form 2 Application to reduce fees


(The reference information at the top of the blank pro formas and the worked examples may be deleted).

Last updated: 1-Jul-2016

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