Mediation Conference

The most important thing a person can do to prepare for an ADR conference is to meet with their lawyers well before the date on which the ADR conference is to take place.  The matters which need to be discussed include:

A party may request their lawyer to give them advice in writing so that they can take it away and think about the issues discussed.

As to costs, the (District Court Rules) require a lawyer acting for a party to provide information in writing about the likely costs of the action prior to a pre-trial conference (rule 36).  The specific information which must be provided is:

The Law Council of Australia has produced a set of (Guidelines for Lawyers in Mediations).  These guidelines provide a useful guide as to what you can expect from your lawyer in preparing for the mediation.  Specifically, the Guidelines provide that a lawyer’s primary task is to help prepare clients for a mediation by:

Last updated: 2-Jul-2014

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