District Court of Western Australia

Consent Orders

If the parties wish the Court make orders by consent pursuant to Rules of the Supreme Court 1971 (RSC) O43 r16, please refer to the templates on this page. The format contains an indorsement: ‘Settled, signed and sealed in accordance with RSC Order 43 rule 16’. If the Registrar is satisfied that the orders should be made, the Registrar will settle, sign and seal the order. The order will accordingly be issued as an extracted order without the need to file a separate draft order for extraction.

Where the consent order does not contain this endorsement, if the Registrar accepts the order, the Registrar will stamp the order with an endorsement in the same terms, and then settle, sign and seal the orders.

Please note: O42 r8 (RSC) is in relation to consent to judgment by a defendant in person. This consent will need to be heard by a Judge of the Court.

For more information see District Court Consolidated Civil Procedures

The Court has published a number of proforma consent orders:

Last updated: 14-May-2024

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