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Western Australia
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Complaints Against Judicial Officers

If you wish to make a complaint about a member of the judiciary, a judge or registrar, your complaint should be made in writing and be addressed to the Chief Judge.  Complaints about a member of the judiciary will be dealt with in accordance with the Protocol for Complaints against Judicial Officers in Western Australia

You cannot, however, use these procedures if you want to complain because you think:

  • the decision in your case was incorrect or unfair; or
  • the judge, commissioner or registrar did not handle your case properly.

If you do not agree with a decision made by the court or a judicial officer in your case, you may appeal against that decision to a higher court. In some cases however, an application for leave to appeal may need to be made. Court staff can give you more information about the procedure for lodging an appeal. However, they cannot advise you on whether you should appeal. You may need legal advice to make this decision.

If the matter relates to an associate or usher, the complaint should be made in writing and addressed to either their responsible judicial officer or the Senior Associate to the Chief Judge.

If you wish to complain about any aspects of the court's registry service, click here.


Last updated: 2-Jul-2014

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