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District Court of
Western Australia
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Daily Court List

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The daily court list for: 31 August 2015

The Court is open to the public.


before his Honour The Chief Judge 
in Court 7-1
At 10:30
The State of Western Australia v Thaer Yasser HUSSEIN (IND 1127/2014)
 Application to Vary Bail
The State of Western Australia v Brodie Eric JONES (IND 586/2015)
 Application for Bail via videolink
The State of Western Australia v Brodie Travis BROPHO (IND 602/2015)
The State of Western Australia v T E T (IND 674/2015)
The State of Western Australia v Jake Aaron JOHNSTON (IND 49/2015)
 App for evidence by videolink
The State of Western Australia v Polutele Sione LO (IND 49/2015)
 App for evidence by videolink
The State of Western Australia v Shane Benefict GUERINONI (IND 18/2014)

before his Honour Judge Keen and a Jury
in Court 6-2
At 10:00
The State of Western Australia v Sharon Denise DYER (IND 1186/2014)
 Trial with Jury

before her Honour Judge Schoombee and a Jury
in Court 3-1
At 10:00
The State of Western Australia v Linda Joyce VALE (IND 585/2014)
 Trial with Jury

before his Honour Judge O'Neal and a Jury
in Court 3-2
At 10:00
The State of Western Australia v Shane Gary HALL (IND 124/2015)
 Trial with Jury

before his Honour Judge Derrick and a Jury
in Court 5-3
At 10:00
The State of Western Australia v Johnathan Edward MARTIN (IND 182/2015)
 Trial with Jury

before her Honour Judge Braddock and a Jury
in Court 5-4
At 10:00
The State of Western Australia v Tobias James DUNCAN (IND 33/2015)
 Trial with Jury

before his Honour Judge Levy 
in Court 7-2
At 09:15
The State of Western Australia v Luke Ryan WITT (IND 115/2014)
 Sentencing via videolink

before his Honour Judge Levy and a Jury
in Court 7-2
At 10:00
The Queen v Benjamin Gordon CLIMO (IND 1112/2014)
 Trial with Jury
The Queen v Barry Kevin CARTER (IND 1112/2014)
 Trial with Jury
The Queen v Randy Gary EDWARDS (IND 1112/2014)
 Trial with Jury


before his Honour Judge Fenbury 
in Court 2-1
At 14:15
Woodley v Woodley (APP 54/2015)
 Stay of Proceedings

before his Honour Judge Stavrianou 
in Court 6-3
At 11:30
Barkla v Civitella (CIV 1717/2015)
 Leave to

Broome Circuit

before a Judge 
At 09:30

before a Judge 
At 10:00

Geraldton Circuit

before a Judge 
At 09:30

before a Judge 
At 10:00

Kalgoorlie Circuit

before a Judge 
At 09:30

before a Judge and a Jury
At 10:00


before The Principal Registrar 
on Level 1
At 09:30

before The Principal Registrar 
in Court 1-2
At 14:15

before Deputy Registrar Harman 
in Court 1-4
At 09:30

before Deputy Registrar Hewitt. 
in Court 1-2
At 09:30

Registrars Chambers

In Deputy Registrar's Chambers, before Deputy Registrar Harman in Court 1-4
Sitting TimeSequenceFile NumbersParties
At 09:30 1  CIV  3216/2014    Moody v Gollogly
At 09:30 2  CIV  362/2015    Coventry Village Pty Ltd v R-Australia Group Pty Ltd & Others
At 09:30 3  CIV  2335/2015    Suda v Capozzalo & Another
At 10:00 4  CIV  3634/2010    Que Capital Pty Ltd & Another v Mueller

Listing Conferences

In Deputy Registrar's Chambers, before Deputy Registrar Hewitt. in Court 1-2
Sitting TimeSequenceFile NumbersParties
At 09:30 1  CIV  528/2013    Venezuela Pty Ltd v Bright
At 09:30 2  CIV  4090/2013    Grayson v Shah
At 09:30 3  CIV  2561/2014    Marellen Pty Ltd v Cummins South Pacific Pty Ltd
At 09:45 4  CIV  2874/2012    Murray & Another v Mydomaine Pty Ltd & Others
At 09:45 5  CIV  820/2013    Kenyon v Dencross Pty Ltd & Others
At 10:00 6  CIV  2887/2014    Mezal v Morgan
At 10:15 7  CIV  580/2013    Needham v Meeres Freighlines Pty Ltd
At 10:30 8  CIV  3589/2011    Quigley v Quigley
At 10:30 9  CIV  2646/2013    Dodd v Brown & Another
At 10:45 10  CIV  3814/2014    Altus Logistic Pty Ltd v Dof Subsea Australia Pty Ltd
At 11:30 11  CIV  3910/2012    Vale v Hellmuth
At 12:00 12  CIV  2308/2011    Vodanovich v Hoson
At 12:00 13  CIV  2495/2011    Vodanovich v Kmart Australia Ltd

Pre Trial Conferences

In Principal Registrar's Chambers, before The Principal Registrar on Level 1
Sitting TimeSequenceFile NumbersParties
At 09:30 1  CIV  4122/2013    Vitale v Carrington
At 09:30 2  CIV  1883/2014    Bennasar v Novelty Enterprises Pty Ltd
At 09:30 3  CIV  3049/2014    Rae v Durahavit Pty Ltd
At 09:30 4  CIV  3628/2014    Thluai v Jeffree
At 09:30 5  CIV  559/2015    Arise Joondalup Pty Ltd v Ausie & Azar Pty Ltd
At 09:45 6  CIV  280/2013    Clifton v Green
At 10:00 7  CIV  898/2014    Manawa Kala Pty Ltd v Cameron & Another
At 10:00 8  CIV  2252/2014    Brandenburg v Freeman
At 10:00 9  CIV  3147/2014    Robinson v Vardy

Directions Hearings

In Principal Registrar's Chambers, before The Principal Registrar in Court 1-2
Sitting TimeSequenceFile NumbersParties
At 14:15 1  CIV  1791/2013    Garlett v The State of Western Australia
At 14:15 2  CIV  980/2014    Baccello Pty Ltd v Chen