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District Court of
Western Australia
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Daily Court List

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The daily court list for: 4 July 2016

The Court is open to the public.


before his Honour Judge O'Neal 
in Court 3-1
At 10:00
The State of Western Australia v Kevin Douglas WALLEY (IND 214/2016)
 Plea of guilty via videolink
The State of Western Australia v Bevan John COUTTS (IND 125/2015)
 App counsel to cease to act via videolink
The State of Western Australia v Dennis Paul BERRY (IND 58/2016)
 Plea of guilty via videolink
The State of Western Australia v Luke Trevor DAHL (IND 1889/2015)
The State of Western Australia v Tammi Francesca MUSARRI (IND 461/2015)
 Plea of guilty
The State of Western Australia v Luke Anthony CRAGAN (IND 3/2014)
 Arrest Warrant via videolink


before The Principal Registrar 
on Level 1
At 09:30

before Registrar Kingsley 
in Court 1-2
At 09:30

before Deputy Registrar Harman 
on Level 1
At 09:30

before Deputy Registrar Harman 
in Hearing Room 101
At 14:15

before Deputy Registrar Hewitt. 
on Level 1
At 09:30

before Deputy Registrar Hewitt. 
in Court 1-2
At 14:15

Listing Conferences

In Registrar's Chambers, before Registrar Kingsley in Court 1-2
Sitting TimeSequenceFile NumbersParties
At 10:00 1  CIV  1274/2014    O'Reily v Macmahon Holdings Ltd
At 10:30 2  CIV  1949/2014    Buller v Furama Pty Ltd
At 11:00 3  CIV  2184/2013    Benck v Almousawi
At 11:00 4  CIV  4086/2014    Beacall v Serco Australia Pty Ltd
At 11:30 5  CIV  1254/2012    Derry Dew Pty Ltd v Vellios
At 11:45 6  CIV  1292/2011    Sakin v MacDonald Johnston Pty Ltd
At 12:00 7  CIV  785/2015    Wyatt v City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder

Pre Trial Conferences

In Principal Registrar's Chambers, before The Principal Registrar, Deputy Registrar Harman, Deputy Registrar Hewitt. on Level 1
Sitting TimeSequenceFile NumbersParties
At 09:30 1  CIV  227/2014    Summers v Minister for Health & Another
At 09:30 2  CIV  3759/2015    Jones v Mineral Trans (WA) Pty Ltd & Another
At 09:30 3  CIV  4432/2015    Vodopier v Amaca Pty Limited


In Deputy Registrar's Chambers, before Deputy Registrar Harman in Hearing Room 101
Sitting TimeSequenceFile NumbersParties
At 14:15 1  CIV  98/2016    Liveris v Blue Diamond Sales and Marketing Pty Ltd

Special Appointments

In Deputy Registrar's Chambers, before Deputy Registrar Hewitt. in Court 1-2
Sitting TimeSequenceFile NumbersParties
At 14:15 1  CIV  1988/2011    Crane v The State of Western Australia